Kenya Nyeri Othaya

Kenya Nyeri Othaya

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Producer: 824 smallholder farmers organized around the Ichamama Factory

Varieties: SL 28, SL 34, and Ruiru11

Altitude: 1740 meters

Processing: Fully washed and dried on raised beds

Certifications: Fair trade

Tasting Notes: A balanced, creamy cup with flavors of orange juice, milk chocolate, and cherry. 


This coffee is sourced from small, family owned farms where coffee plants thrive in the rich, volcanic soil of Nyeri County. In Kenya, large coffee cooperatives provide representation, marketing, and milling access for individual producers. The producers of this coffee are members of the Ichamama Factory, and deliver their harvested cherry to be processed at this factory’s wet mill. Because of the producers’ hard work, as well as the similar altitudes and varietals of their farms, the cooperative is able to combine their cherries to create this excellent coffee. This offering is sourced by a Kapeh Utz import partner who has direct and fair trade relationships in Kenya.

Roast level: Light-Medium