Ethiopia Natural

Ethiopia Natural

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This Ethiopian coffee is a farm-direct coffee from the Guji region. Ethical sourcing (sometimes called Direct Trade, Farmer Direct, or Relationship Coffee) supports a better life for eco-friendly growers and ensures traceability for every cup of coffee.

This high-grown organic Arabica coffee undergoes a natural process at the Uraga station after the cherries are harvested. That means the coffee is laid out to dry on raised beds (typically) with the pulp still intact. This allows a unique level of fermentation which increases floral and berry-like flavors and aromas.

The high altitude, rich fertile soil, and exceptional heirloom varieties all contribute to produce amazing coffees in this region.

Tasting Notes: (but not limited to...)

  • Citrus
  • Watermelon (maybe slight strawberry)
  • Creamy Body