Guatemala Co-Atitlan Natural

Guatemala Co-Atitlan Natural

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Region: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala 

Process: full natural  

Altitude: shade grown, SHB (1500m)

Producer: Cooperative Co-Atitlan members and associates

Roast Profile: Light

What we taste: pineapple, caramel, strawberry 

Santiago Atitlan, home of the Mayan Tz’utujiles, is also home to the Cooperativa Atitlan, El Paraiso Tzutujil R.L.. In the year 2015, our importer began a relationship with the Co-Atitlan Cooperative at the prompting of a friend, and coop member, who they have known since our first days of working in Guatemala.  Founded that same year, the Coop currently has 24 associates, 5 of which are female.  In addition, nearly 900 producers associates contribute coffee to CoAtitlan.  Our importer is the first to work in a direct trade format with CoAtitlan. This impressive group of producers are also involved in agri-tourism to their installations, they work with experimental coffee varietals, have a coffee nursery, and produce vegetables for income generation outside of the coffee harvest.