Coffee is not as critical as the air we breathe. Perhaps it’s a close second.

“Pneuma” means breath, air, or spirit...and we believe that enjoying great coffee is like fresh air in the lungs of our social souls.
Pneuma Coffee is about much more than coffee. It’s the story of two guys who have spent the last twenty years or more trying to provide people with purpose and place. Some call it a “third place.” A place where good conversations, friendships, and social capital is cultivated. Whether it’s a coffee shop, a campus hangout, or your kitchen, Pneuma Coffee exists to breathe life into the rituals and routines of daily life.
We are working towards ethical and sustainable sourcing methods which allow us to roast and provide coffees that we have acquired through direct relationships. The importance of supporting producers and coffee communities is paramount. And these direct relationships also provide the opportunity for us to integrate college students with our coffee sourcing and our work in origin countries.
Pneuma Coffee roasts some of the most delicious specialty grade beans available which are all of the Arabica variety while maintaining our commitment to breathing life into communities near and far. Thanks for helping us achieve our uncompromising values of compassion and community!


Chris Bean-
Co-Owner & Lead Roaster

Chris Human
Co-Owner & Director of Operations

Dan Crowe

Director of Sales & Technical Service