Guatemala Bella Vista

Guatemala Bella Vista

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Region: Hoja Blanca, Cuilco, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Process: fully washed 

Altitude: SHB (1500m)

Producer: Arcenio Castillo Villatoro

Roast profile: medium dark

What we taste: cocoa, black walnut, grapefruit 

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About the producer


After a childhood spent on his father’s coffee farm in La Libertad, Huehuetenango, Arcenio Villatoro carried the dream of owning his own farm. In 2007, he purchased land in the town of Cuilco and began to produce his own coffee there with the help of his wife and three children. With many years of experience in coffee, the Villatoro family continues to refine their harvesting and processing methods. Multiple Villatoro lots, although from different farms, have won awards for Guatemala’s cup of excellence. We began our relationship with the Villatoro family in 2021 when we purchased the Punta del Cerro lot, produced by Arcenio’s son Jenner.