A New Relationship Coffee from Honduras

Our mission is to breathe life into communities near and far by providing the highest quality fresh-roasted coffee to those in our community.

One of the ways we breathe life into our coffee producing communities is by developing relationships with the producers, farmers, exporters and others in the country of origin.

We are excited about a new relationship with Katia Duke, the producer of Cafe Ixchel near Copan Ruinas Honduras. She is doing amazing things in her community and by importing, roasting, and distributing this delicious coffee, we are able to make an impact in her community of Honduran coffee workers and their families.

The coffee from her microlot is grown in Finca San Isidro and delivers great tasting notes of peach,citrus and a honey-like sweetness. 

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in this relationship as we will be visiting the beneficio this coming November with a goal of eventually taking college students to experience this coffee community and discover ways to serve them.